July 1, 2009

Hello, my name is Victoria Fattore. I’m a historian of the forgotten, scholar of liminal spaces, wanderer of interstices and captain of the seven seas. Born in the City of Borges and trying to make a living in the Land of the White Sausage. This page contains a summary of my work and doings in life. You can contact me at victoria dot notblue at gmail dot com.

nubigena Nubigena – music & art

nihilum Nihilum – found text & images

notblue Notblue – photography

cattusphilologus Cattus Philologus – writings & university material

fearandloathing Where the skies are blue – life in Munich

matterandform Matter and Form – collaborative artistic mashup

carbonthumb Carbonmade portfolio

flickr Flickr